M6. Managing project risks and changes in times of crisis


M6: Managing project risks and changes (time and risk management) in times of crisis


Prior to the session, participants have been asked to bring one quote/song/pic/poem that illustrates their understanding of the concept of CHANGE. In smaller groups, they have shared those pieces and reflected on a few questions:

  • Why did you select this particular message? What does the message in your selection mean to you?

  • What does the process of change look like to you?

  • Is change in your own personal life something that comes easy for you or is it difficult, why? How do you react to change?

  • Do you view yourself as a change-maker?

  • How does your organization relate to change? What are the principles/ values attached to this concept?

  • When was the last time a change occurred and how did you and your colleagues react to it? What strategies did you use?

After reflecting on their time management, the participants brainstormed on 5 specific actions/ tools, to manage time more effectively: