FOND, Romania

-Sustainable development-

FOND is a representative platform of 34 non-governmental organisations that are active in the fields of development cooperation, international development and humanitarian aid. FOND’s mission is to help develop and implement a coherent and effective development cooperation and humanitarian aid policy in Romania, to increase the capacity of member organisations to educate the general public on development cooperation by implementing projects and specific programs, networking, training sessions, research, public policy and advocacy activities.

GEYC, Romania

-Youth engagement, Sustainable development-

Group of the European Youth for Change - GEYC is a Romanian youth organization founded in 2010 active at the European level. GEYC is the initiator and coordinating organization of PRISMA European Network, a European wide coalition aimed to raise the quality of youth projects.Our mission is to empower young people to create a positive change in their community.
We are young people working with young people through both peer-to-peer education and mass communication supported by youth leaders


-Sustainable development-

Development Principles (DP) is a non-profit non-governmental organization aimed to invest in people and empower them to create positive change in their own life. Development Principles has been successfully implementing development projects in rural Armenia for already 12 years. The NGO’s goal is the economic and social development of rural communities of Armenia by executing projects directed at the improvement of livelihoods of rural families and the empowerment of rural communities. Development Principles NGO invests in the establishment and development of small family farms, formation of rural cooperatives, development of dairy, fruit and rural tourism value chains. It contributes to the sustainable rural development by creating pro-poor income and social capital, by youth development and women’s empowerment and by applying environmentally sound practices to care for the earth in all projects.

-Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Human Rights-

GEWI is a non-governmental organisation established in 2008 aimed at educating and promoting women's rights and gender equality throughout Azerbaijan on grassroots and policy level. To reach its aim, GEWI realises public awareness and advocacy campaigns, conducts monitoring on the situation of women's rights and gender equality and presents alternative reports to CEDAW Committee.

-Human Rights-

Human Rights Center "Viasna" is a non-governmental human rights organization, created in 1996 during mass protest actions of the democratic opposition in Belarus. Viasna was initially a group created to help the arrested rally participants and their families. That’s why originally Viasna had the name “Viasna-96”. On 15 June 1999 the organization was registered as the Human Rights Center "Viasna". It is a national NGO with the central office in Minsk and regional organizations in the majority of Belarusian cities. Viasna has about 200 members all over the country. The organization is managed by the Council and chair of the Council, elected by the General Congress.
The main goal of Viasna is to contribute to development of the civic society in Belarus, based on respect to human rights, described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Sustainable development, Networking, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteering Development-

The Center is a jointly established Dutch-Belarusian non-profitable, non-governmental organisation working from Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 1996 within the framework of the twin cities agreement between Minsk and Eindhoven and officially registered in 1997.Now about 10 persons collaborate with the centre.Main areas of work: local sustainable development; education for sustaianble development; juridical aspects of sustainable development.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Sustainable development, Networking, Media & Communication, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility-

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is a non-governmental, politically independent and not-for-profit organization, founded in 1997. The mission of EPI is to contribute to utilizing the full potential of Bulgaria by enhancing the competitiveness of its economy and increasing the efficiency of its public institutions.In this way, EPI aims at adding value to the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union and thus at supporting the reform processes in South Eastern Europe.
To achieve this, EPI delivers policy recommendations in a wide range of spheres based on economic research and interdisciplinary analyses; elaborates on and advocates for alternative approaches in the field of economic policy and specific economic sectors; encourages public discussions on economic and socioeconomic issues and raises awareness among decision-makers, civil society and other stakeholders.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Sustainable development, Human Rights, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteering Development-

The mission of your organization: Community members should have an opportunity to develop their competences, to support their social and economic self-realization; and to live the life of an active citizen.Strategic Directions of the organization are:1. Civic Education and Citizen Empowerment;2. Supporting Professional and Personal Growth;3. Good governance.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Sustainable development, Media & Communication, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change-

N(N)LE International Business and Economic Development Center-IBEDC is Non-Entrepreneurial and Non-Commercial Legal Entity. One of the main priority and aim of the Organization is involvement in the project development and implementation. IBEDC is a beneficiary of various International and regional framework projects. Pls find detailed info The organization is member the following significant networks and coalitions: Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and EaP Georgian National Platform; EU-Georgia bilateral Civil Society Platform; Black Sea NGO Forum, Publish What You Pay coalition and others.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Sustainable development, Human Rights, Networking, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteering Development-

Black Sea CONNECT initiative aim to coordinate the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), based on the defined principles in the Burgas Vision Paper and support the development of the Blue Growth in the Black Sea. The initiative will help to deeper connect Black Sea societies through a bridge of new knowledge, technologies and services. The initiative aims to foster human and infrastructures capacity building in coastal, marine and maritime sectors in view of unlocking unique opportunities for a sustainable and environmentally friendly blue growth in the Black Sea.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Volunteering Development-

Civil Society institute (CSI) is one of the leading NGOs in Georgia, known for high performance and a diverse range of activities. Established in 1996, CSI is represented by Tbilisi headquarters and Batumi and Gori branches. CSI facilitates the formation and development of a civil society and a democratic state by promoting democratic values and the rule of law, by educating social actors and increasing their civic activities, and by creating a legal environment that facilitates civil society organizations. CSI has proven experience in facilitating effective and institutionalized interactions and active policy dialogue between the civil sector and the state authorities on both national and local levels. Public participation is key direction – developed online and face to face training courses, established formal and informal instruments of engagement on local level, such are: civil adviser councils, petition, open door session and etc. Also developed Benchmarking instrument in 5 municipalities.

-Civic Engagement, Sustainable development, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility-

CIDA's mission is to create a progressive future by stimulating sustainable approaches and engaging businesses. Supporting Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Georgia.

-Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Sustainable development, Networking, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change-

SiNC promotes social entrepreneurship among young people and women to start social businesses or develop their SEs. We organize bootcamps, conduct training courses, online workshops to develop their skills and empower them to make social value for the community they live with. We do mentoring and coaching sessions for SEs in the developing stage.

-Volunteering Development-

TDV is a non-governmental organization formed in June 1997. TDV's mission is to involve Moldovan society in promoting volunteering, a healthy lifestyle, sustainable development and the prevention of social exclusion.
In the promotion of volunteering, the fields of expertise are: organizing the main national events for the promotion of volunteering; creating and maintaining coalitions; advocacy, lobbying and negotiation; strategic planning; elaboration of public policy documents; creation of volunteering infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova; adjustment of the basic legislative and normative framework and of the one related to the volunteering sector in the Republic of Moldova; training in creating and managing a Volunteering Program.
In promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing the concept of charity for social inclusion, the areas of expertise are: creating charitable activities and programs; organizing donation collection campaigns; organizing training workshops and information activities on healthy living; conducting health promotion events; creation and maintenance of NGO networks; advocacy for the promotion of health legislation; creation and involvement in national health campaigns.

-Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Human Rights-

AO Centre of Information and Resources PRO BONO (further referred to as CIR PRO BONO) is a national, professional, non-governmental and apolitical public association, established on April 11, 2017.The Centre of Information and Resources PRO BONO aims to contribute to the realization of the concept of the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to promote in society the legal science and culture, the work with the youth environment, the involvement in community development. The organization is continuously working with a wide number of local and national stakeholders to create and enhance the chances of succeeding of the rural youth from The Republic of Moldova, with a major focus on such categories as: NEET youth (youth not in education, employment or training, youth from vulnerable groups, minority groups).
FDP is involved in four areas of activity: - Prevention of school dropout for 70 children from vulnerable backgrounds using sport as a tool to attract and maintain them in school through the Sports Social School program developed in partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation - Support services (health, specific therapies, recreational and social activities) for 45 children with special educational needs and their parents within the WONDER Center - Support for the families affected by poverty in the communities of Republica-sector 3 Bucharest, Giulesti-Sarbi-sector 6 Bucharest and Cojasca-Iazu, Dambovita county (distribution of basic food, hygiene products, educational materials)- Services for 20 young people with HIV (support for accessing basic medical services, identifying a home, integration into the labor market).

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, CSO Sustainability & Resilience, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility-

Association of Cross-border Cooperation “Lower Danube Euroregion” is the executive management structure of the “Lower Danube” Euroregion, entity founded in 1998 by public administration units from Romania (Tulcea, Braila and Galati County Councils), Republic of Moldova (Cahul and Cantemir Districts) and Ukraine (Odessa Regional State Administration, Odessa Regional Council, Reni District Council and Izmail Local Council).The main goal is to assist its members towards an enhanced economic development and cooperation in the area of common interest, promote business and entrepreneurship especially in the area of SE being underlined as a priority in the region and an objective assumed by the organization.

-Youth Engagement, Human Rights, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility-

The "Close To You" Romania Foundation (ADV) is a non-governmental organization – a work integration social enterprise. The organization's mission is to help people with disabilities and from other groups at risk integrate in the community, by offering its support in job coaching and career consulting.ADV Romania is the first Romanian organization to have established in 2008 the UtilDeco Work Integration Social Enterprise, having created throughout time over 100 workplaces, of which at least 40% for people with disabilities."Close To You" Romania Foundation is the majority shareholder of WISE, a Work Integration Social Enterprise with a main office in Romania, being declared "Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016" within Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year world competition. Throughout time, WISE provided social aid to over 150.000 beneficiaries and invested over 18 million euros in the local community."Close to You" Romania Foundation is not just an organization, it changes destinies and it is a model of economic and social development.

-Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Sustainable development, Environment & Climate Change, Volunteering Development-

Scouting is an educational movement of children and youth, based on volunteerism, apolitical character, open to all, regardless of nationality, race, sex, faith or social status, in accordance with the Scout Method and Principles. The programs carried out are progressive and stimulating activities, based on the interest of the participants, including games, useful practical knowledge and services for the benefit of the community, carried out, generally, in nature.
The National Organization of Romanian Scouts is a founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and an organization with stable local structures (81 Local Centers in 50 localities in the country).

WWF, Romania

-Environment & Climate Change-

WWF Romania is a NGO that implement conservation projects in Romania. Our work is focused on forests, water and wild species. In Romania, WWF has been working since 2006 to protect the wild environment in the Carpathian Mountains and along the Danube: protected areas, forests, brown bears, bison, Danube Delta, sturgeons. To all this is added the stimulation of the transition to the green economy and an environmental education program for young people.

Interregional public organization "Centers for psychological and social support "Denal", Russia

-Youth Engagement-

Interregional Public Organization "Centers for Psychological and Social Support "Denal" is established in 1995 aiming to assist IDPs from Chechnya suffered from war conflicts. In the course of last several years the focus of the programme has shifted to women and young people. The organization conducted different projects funded by national and international donors aimed at involvement of young people in decision making processes, promotion of peace and tolerance among youngsters, development of their capacit, helping with different opportunities and enabling them to actively participate in their communities’ public life. We operate mainly in 5 republics of the North Caucasus (Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria).
Since 2016 Denal has been a partner NGO in the project “Young Women’s Development Groups". This initiative addresses the structural causes of discrimination and violence against women and girls and covers Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan being implemented by 19 NGOs from these republics. This way the project supports the ongoing movement among local women’s NGOs, raises defenders’ awareness of women’s human rights and gender equality. Two other projects currently implemented by Denal are focused on young people in Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia. Besides, Denal is a member of the network of Chechen NGOs dealing with women’s issues.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Culture & Education, Youthbanks, Networking, CSO Sustainability & Resilience-

EDNANNIA was founded more than 20 years ago and is well-known in Ukraine for its expertise in the field of strengthening civil society including support of the citizen initiatives; CSOs organizational development; CSOs networking and public image; CSO/government cooperation; philanthropy and community engagement. While implementing projects, EDNANNIA applies comprehensive approach to non-profit organizations development: grant support, training, mentoring, consultative support, information, research and analysis.
For 20 years we have been developing capacities of civil society in Ukraine. We apply comprehensive approach to non-profit organizations development: micro-grant support, training, mentoring, consultative support. Since 2009 we have been developing a unique Civil Society Capacity Development Platform MARKETPLACE, that has no comparable counterparts in the world: offer unique methods and tools for local communities development through activation of local initiatives, encouraging fundraising in a community and building trust.

-Civic Engagement, Youth Engagement, Sustainable development, Human Rights, Networking, Environment & Climate Change, Volunteering Development-

Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction is a civil society organization that unites efforts of experts and activists in a joint struggle to protect the environment. We advocate for energy efficiency, renewable energy, countering climate change, clean air for all and sustainable development of transport and agriculture in Ukraine.Our mission is to protect the environment via influencing decision makers and stakeholders and to develop an active Ukrainian community.

-Knowledge Networks For Development, Environment & Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Corporate Social Responsibility-

Open Society Foundation, NGO (OSF) is a Ukraine-based think tank, established in March 2001. The mission of the OSF is to promote and increase the impact of the open society values and principles in the Ukrainian public agenda as well as enhance the effectiveness and accountability of public policy and finance. We work to ensure efficient, effective, and transparent use of public resources to benefit those who need them the most, based on the concept of public interest and open society values and principles.
Key areas of expertise:• Promoting public policy standards, including increasing the responsibility of both politics and politicians, and introducing effective public control mechanisms;• Promoting best practices of Good governance of the EU and other developed democracies, raising awareness among the target groups.• Support for anti-corruption reforms at the national and local levels, including through the introduction of effective mechanisms for public monitoring of anti-corruption programs.• Promoting open public finance standards, including effectiveness and efficiency of budget policies at different levels, transparency and openness in the process of budget adoption, promotion of the elements of public participation in the budget process.