The Project Management Academy training will be delivered between December 2020 - January 2021 and comprises four modules of learning, covering 8 sessions (online training and coaching/mentoring) with a focus on innovative approaches in: project planning and management, budgeting, staff management, risks and changes management in times of crisis, fundraising, sustainability and networking.


- all hours are in GMT+2 timezone -




Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 10 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.



Diana has academic studies in Communications with a focus on intercultural discourse (BA and MA) and complementary training in Advanced Facilitation, Psycho-pedagogy, Global Education, or Education for Development in a multicultural environment. She has been actively involved in youth work since 2010, volunteering or working for various NGOs such as GEYC, European Youth Press, United Nations Volunteers, Youth for Exchange and Understanding, as a communications coordinator, project manager and/or trainer. In 2012 she participated in a 9 months EVS project in Lorca, Spain, at Cazalla Intercultural Association, where, besides other activities, she supported the team with organizing and facilitating pre-departure and on-arrival trainings, as well as the future volunteers to find, choose and apply for the most appropriate projects. Currently, she is also working as an online facilitator and coach with Soliya and Sharing Perspectives, within the Erasmus+ Virtual framework.

Alexandra PECA


Alexandra is a youth worker with a formal education background in International Relations and European Studies. She has been working with Erasmus+ project for the past two years, focusing on the topics of project management, youth work, digital education, human rights. She is passionate about project management and digital marketing and she likes taking part in mobility projects because they offer her a chance to get to know new cultures. She has coordinated the European Fellowship on Project Management (EFPM), aiming to develop the project management skills of young people and the European Digital Youth Summit 2020, part of the Global Citizens' Dialogue on the Future of Internet, an event under the Patronage of the European Parliament.